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LHS Junior Information Night Scheduled

Junior students and families - don't miss Junior Information Night on Monday, October 5, in the LHS Auditorium. Registration begins at 6:00 p.m. and presentations begin at 6:30 p.m. Learn how to effectively prepare for your senior year of high school, by learning about graduation requirements, Career Cruising, scholarships, ACT/SAT testing, NCAA/NAIA, and more! Please call the Guidance Office with any questions. See you there! Go Pioneers!

A Unique Homecoming Project

A Unique Homecoming Project

The LHS 2-D and 3-D art classes teamed up during 2nd period to take their artistic skills to the next level. With support from the administration, they were granted sidewalk space near the football field to display this amazing talent. Prior to heading out to the actual physical space, students separated into various groups to collaborate. Like true professional artists they were given a theme, Homecoming - The Great Gatsby, to work with as their subject matter. They created sketches, and then the real work began. In order to successfully render their ideas in the true physical space they drew them out on paper the size of the area where they would be working – dealing with font selection, scale and proportion issues, perspective and the reality of time restraints. And then the fun started…true physical space…drawing on the sidewalk. This journey allowed students, who otherwise might not have been involved, to participate in Homecoming activities, gave many a chance to challenge their artistic abilities, and, opened avenues for true collaboration. The final products were as wonderful for viewers as the creating was for the artists.

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