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Email Address: jared.prost@lvpioneers.org
Hometown:  Perryville, MO
Degree(s): BM, BME, MM, DMA
Teaching Experience:  Albuquerque, NM; Leavenworth Public Schools
Leadership Roles:  Fine Arts, Department Facilitator
Courses I Teach:  Band, Jazz Band, Music Appreciation, Percussion Ensemble

Recent Posts

Updated Home Football/Senior Night 10/13

The doors will open at 5:30 and our be ready time for this Friday is 6:00.  
Senior parents please meet us at the northwest corner of the stadium to prepare for the senior recognition ceremony. 
This is an update from the early post.  Your students were told this morning to reach out to you this morning with this update.  I sincerely hope that happened.  
Arrival time for parents is shortly after 6 pm.  Senior night activities start for band at 6:15.  

Band Update 10/9

Congratulations Pioneer Band on your most complete performance yet this past Saturday at the Central States Marching Festival!
I haven't seen a breakdown of all the category scores yet, but I do know that we received an overall 2 rating.  I know that Friday and Saturday were very busy days, and with that being said, I thought you all brought a lot of enthusiasm and excitement to Saturday's show.  Job very well done!
Please review last week's post for information about Wednesday night's festival at Washburn University.  

1st Payment, San Antonio Trip

The first San Antonio trip payment is due tomorrow.  $211

Upcoming Band Events

Wednesday 5:40 pm-6:30 pm
I'm looking for volunteers to perform at the bonfire.  Band room opens at 5:40 and the event is over by 6:30.
I am still waiting on Medical Authorization forms from 20+ band students.  These are needed before your student can travel with us on Friday or to Festivals.  If they needed a form filled out, we put one in their hands last Friday during class.  
All band student should see Dr. Prost before school to receive their wristband, which is their ticket to the parade.  After lunch, students should report to the band room to start getting dressed for the parade.  Uniforms can be dropped off in the band room early that morning.  All band students will be bused to and from the parade.  The parade starts at 2 pm.  Band students should be back for dismissal by 3 pm.
Doors open for the football game at 5:30 pm.  Students should be ready to march by 6 pm.  
Doors open for 1st hour band at 7:15 am.  Our bus departs for KSU at 8 am.  Students have chosen to bring sack lunches or snacks to eat because our buses do not have time to stop if we are going to get students home early for the Homecoming Dance.  
We perform at 12:15 PM and should be back on the road by 1 pm.  We plan to arrive at LHS by 3:15 pm.
Departure and arrival locations are the south parking lot of LHS.  
Wednesday (Oct. 11th)
Our performance time at Washburn is 6:45 pm.  We will depart at 2:30 pm and stop for dinner in Topeka.  Students should bring money for food.  The festival concludes at 9 pm.  We plan to arrive back at LHS before 11 pm.  We still need a few chaperones for this event.  If you can help, please email me.

Band Update 10/2

1.  We will be holding a short informational meeting tonight at 7 pm regarding upcoming band travel to the KSU and Washburn Band Festivals and I will also be able to address questions about the San Antonio trip.  If you have questions or concerns, we will be in the band room from 7 pm to approximately 8 pm.  Band Boosters will be available at that time if you are prepared to make a payment towards the San Antonio trip.
2.  Here is a link to the Senior night form for band.  All band seniors should get this filled out by Friday, October 6th.  Please log into your school google account to complete the form.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd49NPjQk1x7FQZCw-GlCVMQ9sa9F3GuwOLGU3dT_o_Eaj3WA/viewform?usp=sf_link
3.  Information will be posted tomorrow regarding the Homecoming Parade, Game, and KSU Festival.  

Home Football Game, Friday 9/29

The doors will open at 5:30 for this Friday's home football game.  Students are asked to be ready to march at 6 pm.  Remember to eat dinner before 6 pm.  Be prepared to add the breastplates to the uniforms this week.  Check your bag for all uniform items before arriving Friday evening (gloves, black sock).  
Dr. Prost

Performance at St. Mary football game

The info for this event was posted earlier this week.  Please review it if needed.
There are many band instruments left in lockers.  Reminder- the band room will be open from 10-11 am tomorrow if you need to pick yours up.

Friday Night Videos- updated

Here are links to the videos from Friday night.  Overall- job very well done!  Please watch for individual spacing, individual footwork, and overall group sound.  Students must be logged into the LV Pioneers Google account to get access.  

University of St. Mary game, Sept 23rd

We are performing for halftime at the University of St. Mary home game on Saturday, September 23rd.  Their game starts at 1:30 pm (this is a change from the previous posting).  Arrival time is 2:00 pm.  
We have a small group of students that have volunteered to perform the Star Spangled Banner.  They need to be on site by 1:00.  
Our halftime performance should be around 2:45.  Students should be ready for dismissal by 3:00 pm.  Students should be dropped off and picked up near the University of St. Mary stadium entrance off of Hughes Rd.  Please arrive in full uniform.  We will load the equipment trailer Friday morning after class.  Large instruments will be transported.  Smaller instruments should be moved by students.  
The band room will be open from 10-11 am on Saturday morning for students that forget to take items home Friday after school.    

Leavenworth Itinerary for San Antonio Trip

Here is an up to date copy of the San Antonio itinerary.  Please note that this trip is optional and does cost money.  We are currently estimating that the cost will be $850 per student.  The first payment of $211 is due by October 6th.  Subsequent payments will be due in November, January, and February.  
This file opens great on my computer and I hope that you have success opening it as well (I've had problems with this type of document in the past).  Please email if you can't and I'll email you a copy directly.  

Band Update 9/12

Informational meeting tomorrow evening at 7 pm in the band room.  Information will be presented regarding the April trip to San Antonio.  Reminder- this trip is optional.
Band rehearsal for 1st hour band is Wednesday evening from 6-8 pm.  

First Home Football Game Approaching

1st Pioneer Band Performance of 2017-18 School Year!!!!
Home Football Game at Pioneer Stadium
Sept. 15, Start time 7:00 pm
5:00 pm  Band room doors open, students begin getting into uniform
5:45 pm  Uniform inspection and march to the practice field 
6:00 pm  Warm up and pregame run through on practice field
6:35 pm  Enter stadium
6:45 pm  Pregame performance
7:00 pm  Seated in stands to play at timeouts 
8:00ish   Halftime performance for 1st hour band
9:30ish   Game complete, students pack up instrument and uniforms, band room clean, all uniforms go home
Color Guard-  Mrs. Sipp will cover specifics that pertain only to color guard members in regards to makeup, hair, and uniforms.  Read the rest of the material also.
Uniforms-  Should be at home and hung up nicely.  Students will be receiving marching shoes and gloves soon.  Students must provide their own calf high, plain blacks socks for performances.  Students should wear their 2017-18 band t shirt and athletic shorts under the uniform until cold weather moves in.  Students are expected to wear their uniform correctly.  This will change based on whether we are performing on the field or seated in the stands and it will be determined by Dr. Prost and Mr. Miller.  
Food/Snacks/Water-  Students that have won section of the week will be invited into the band room a little early that evening for their pizza party supplied by the band boosters.  Freshman will be allowed to attend the Freshman Tailgate and will be given information about that next week.  Other students should eat before arriving.  We will have water in the stands for students during the first half, no other drinks or food should be brought to the game or purchased during the first half.  Parents- help make sure that your student is fed prior to 5:45 so that we can focus on the task at hand- performing and being supportive of the football team.
Breaks-  All students will be excused during the 3rd quarter of the game to get snacks and visit with friends.  They are expected to be back in their seats ready to play at the end of the 3rd quarter.
Dismissal-  The game is over when the clock reaches zero at the end of the 4th quarter.  Students that leave early will not receive full credit for participation.  We perform at the end of the game as a sign of school spirit and good sportsmanship.  All students are expected to participate in that.  Students will walk back to the band room, put all personal items away, and be dismissed.  They are expected to take all parts of their uniform home with them after each game.  The uniforms should be properly hung up on the hangar so that they look nice the next time that we need them.

Band Update 9/5

Rehearsal this week for 1st hour band is on Wednesday from 6-8 pm.
Next week will also be on Wednesday evening.
We will hold and informational meeting for any parents of students that wish to attend the San Antonio trip next April, on Wednesday, September 13th, at 7 pm in the band room.
Our first home football game is Friday, September 15th.  Has your student's uniform made it home yet?  Is it hanging up nicely?  Shoes will be here this week and distributed.  Make sure that your student has a calf high pair of plain black socks to wear with their uniform.
We are performing at the University of St. Mary home game on Saturday, September 23rd.  Their game starts at 1 pm.  I am anticipating an arrival time for our students of 1:30.  Our halftime performance should be between 2:15 and 3:00 pm.  Students should be ready for dismissal by 3:00 pm.  Students should be dropped off and picked up near the University of St. Mary stadium entrance off of Hughes Rd.