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Email Address: jared.prost@lvpioneers.org
Hometown:  Perryville, MO
Degree(s): BM, BME, MM, DMA
Teaching Experience:  Albuquerque, NM; Leavenworth Public Schools
Leadership Roles:  Fine Arts, Department Facilitator
Courses I Teach:  Band, Jazz Band, Music Appreciation, Percussion Ensemble

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All District Audition Music

Attached is the All District/State audition music for next year.  If you are interested in taking this audition to be a member of these select groups, print out the direction pages and your instrument's appropriate music.  This audition process starts in November, but students that want to make these groups will be working on this music over the summer.  Please listen to some good professional recordings of these pieces and start working out notes now.  Good luck!
Dr. Prost

End of Year

LHS Band Students and Parents,
Thank you for all of your time and efforts during this school year!  I wish you all a happy, safe, and relaxing summer.  To those that are leaving us, I wish you the best of luck in the future.  To those that will be returning, take a break, but don't put your instrument away in the closet.  Maintain a practice schedule that will keep you ready to go for band camp.  Watch some videos of great musical performers on youtube and work to imitate the good things that you see and hear.  
All State band audition music will be posted next week.  I've got to order one more piece of music to complete our set for this year.
The band schedule is currently being approved and will be posted soon.  Band camp will be July 31-August 4 at LHS.  We will utilize the practice field for camp due to renovation of the track in the stadium.  See you then!
Dr. Prost

Commencement Outdoors

The band room will be open by 5 pm.  I'll see everyone in there before 5:15.  Thanks

Commencement Band Info

This Saturday is LHS Commencement at 6:30 pm.  Under normal condition, the ceremony is outdoors.  Due to possible weather concerns for this weekend, I have had to prepare a much smaller group to play indoors.  A decision about where commencement will be held will be made at 1 pm on Saturday.  I will post information on my website for students around 1:15.  Please check in there to see what is expected of your student.  If we are outdoors, all students grades 9-11 are expected to perform.  If we are indoors, see the list below for students that are expected to perform.  For the indoor list, we started with students that need to see family members graduate and then I filled in the sections so that we can sound at our best.  
Dress for either location is band polo shirt, nice slacks or skirt, and dress shoes (no heels are allowed on the turf).  We will be finished around 8:00 pm.

Flute-  Morgan Schavee, Kasie Lambert

Clarinet- Jericho Randall, Hailey Riddle, Jessica Atwood, Kee Eagle, Shaylee Soelberg

Saxophone-  Nathan Moore, Liz LaDuron, Taylor Marriott, Elijah Tilson

Trumpet-  Clayton Saunders, Noah Garcia, Truman Thomas, John Finnigan

Trombone/Baritone- Eric Wooten, Jaime Miller, Kwenten Rainey, Tanner Britton

Tuba-  Clara Cleland-Leighton, Alexis Wallace, Dillon White, Dalton White

Percussion-  James Myers, Ayanna Rogers, Jessica Crawford


Band BBQ, May 11th

 Band BBQ and Awards Ceremony
Thursday, May 11th
5:30 pm -7ish
Students and families are invited
This event is held between the gym and north Main St doors at LHS.  It is highly recommended that you bring lawn chairs for seating.  If it is raining, we will move to the cafeteria.  Food will be served shortly after 5:30 and awards will start approximately 30 minutes later.
The band boosters supply hot dogs for this event.  We ask that students each bring something for our potluck style dinner.

Freshmen - Sides

Sophomores - Chips

Juniors - Desserts

Seniors - Soda

State Band Festival and Mattress Fund Raiser Update

1.  The mattress fund raiser was a success for the 2nd year in a row.  They will be delivering a check for $5900 this Thursday!  Thank you to everyone that helped spread the word in any way.  Students that had sales referrals will have their band accounts credited.  Please let me finish the band festival and then I will work on those numbers.  I should be ready to share them early next week.
2.  The State Band Festival is Thursday, April 13th, at the Lied Center in Lawrence. 
Concert Band, perform at 1:40 pm
These students should arrive at school dressed for contest (JROTC students should follow the JROTC dress code until 11 am).  Our dress for the day is:  band polo or black dress shirt, dress slack or skirts, and dress shoes/marching shoes.  The Concert Band will be dismissed from class at 11 am to eat lunch.  At 11:30 they should meet in the band room to get ready to load.  Buses will depart at 11:45.  After the Concert Band performance, they will stay and listen to a few other bands while waiting for our buses to arrive with the Symphonic Band, approximately 3 pm.  The Concert Band should arrive back at LHS around 4 pm.  
Symphonic Band, perform at 5 pm
These students do not need to arrive at school dressed for contest.  They will have a few minutes to change when they are excused from class during 6th hour.  Dress for the Symphonic Band is:  band polo or black dress shirt, black dress pants or skirt, and dress shoes/marching shoes.  We will depart from LHS at 2 pm.  We will listen to a few other bands perform after we arrive at the Lied Center.  The Symphonic Band students have asked if we can stop for dinner on the way home.  If this works for the bus drivers, we will stop for food and be home at 8 pm.  If we don't stop, we will be back at LHS around 7 pm.  I will have students text or call when we know.  

Solo/Ensemble Contest April 8th

Saturday is solo/ensemble contest at Shawnee Heights HS in Tecumseh.  Listed below are the participating students, with performance times, and my information about whom they travelling with to Shawnee Heights.  Students should perform in dress clothes and they can bring some money for concessions.  


Saturday 6:30 am departure

The list of students will return during the morning or shortly after noon.

8:00 Clarinet Choir

Mallory- van

Ryan-  mom

Christian- van

Damien- van

Kee- van

Shaylee- van

8:56 Percussion Ensemble

Ayanna-  parents

Heaven-  parents

James- parents

Ethan- van

Nathan- van

Josh-  Janasz

Margaret-  Janasz

Thomas- van

Erika-  mom

Jamie- van

9:24 Tanner- parents

9:31 Cesar-  parents

9:38 Derek-  parents

9:45 Alyssa- van

9:48 Alexis-  w/ Heaven

10:23 Eric- van

11:05 Rebecca-  parents

11:26 Georgia-  parents

11:33 Josh-van
The following students will depart LHS at 2 pm and return around 6:30 pm.

Saturday PM

4:01 Gabi- w/ dad

4:19 Truman- van

4:26 Clayton- parents

4:33 Taylor- van

4:33 Chloe- van

4:51 Josie- van

Eric- van

Band Grades

Band grades have been updated, and unfortunately many are considerably lower that any of us hoped they would be at this point in the semester.  Our first assignment was due prior to spring break and many students neglected to turn it in.  Our second assignment was due last week and many of the same students neglected to turn it in.  I will be creating other assignments to help students raise their band grades (approximately one every 1-1 1/2 weeks).  Please make sure that your students are checking in with me after days that they miss class and that all students are following through on completing assignments and getting them turned in for full credit.  Thanks 

Band Update 4/3

LHS Band Students and Parents,
1.  Many thanks for all of the help and support for the mattress fund raiser that was held Sunday.  I should have and will share final numbers later this week.  I believe we had a successful day and I am very thankful to families that helped spread the word in any way.  
2.  Spring Band Concert-  This Thursday, April 6th, at 7 pm in the auditorium.  Students should be ready to warm up at 6:30 pm.  Students should wear their band polo, or another nice black shirt, nice slacks or skits, and dress shoes.  This is shaping up to be one of our finest concerts ever!
3.  Solo/Ensemble Contest-  This Saturday, April 8th, at Shawnee Heights HS in Tecumseh.  We have approximately 35 students performing at this event.  This is the biggest group for this event as long as I've been around!  The rules for this event are a little more flexible and parents may drive students to this event (student may not drive themselves).  I am currently working on the plan for moving students around on Saturday.  I have heard from several students that they have rides with parents.  If your student is involved in this event, and you can drive them, please let me know.  Watch for an update on this event later in the week.  

Solo/Ensemble Contest April 8th

Reminder:  this is an optional events, not all students are participating.  More info to follow over next week.  If you plan on transporting your student, please let me know quickly.  I'm trying to figure out how to transport all of these students without paying for bus transportation.  Thanks
Also:  Brass and Woodwind students will need to be at school on April 5th from 6-8 pm to practice with their pianist.  
Shawnee Heights HS, Tecumseh 
8:00 Clarinet Choir
8:56 Percussion Ensemble
9:24 Tanner Britton, tb
9:31 Cesar Sanchez, tb
9:38 Derek Rosello, trumpet
9:45 Alyssa Nearing, trumpet
9:48 Alexis Ruiz, timpani
10:23 Truman Thomas, trumpet
11:05 Rebecca Hollister, horn
11:26   Georgia Gallahue, flute
11:33 Josh Rivera, tenor
11:47 Nathanial Atwood, tenor
1:49 Ayanna Rogers, percussion
4:01 Gabrielle Henry, alto
4:19 Eric Robles, tb
4:26 Clayton Saunders, trumpet
4:33 Saxophone Quartet
4:51 Josie Weilemann, flute

Mattress Fund Raiser- We need your help!


This is our final week to promote the Mattress Sale!  We need everyone to reach out to their friends, family, neighbors and coworkers and tell them about the event!!! For quick information, text PIONEER to 913-210-0550  


Here's a quick video about the sale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_pQ6O8aVus


Please forward this email along to at least 10 friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers.  


The Leavenworth Band Programs are hosting a one day mattress sale!  This Sunday, April 2nd, from 10AM-5PM we will have a mattress showroom set up at  Leavenworth High School.  There are over 20 name-brand models to choose from.  The beds come in all sizes, are made to order, have factory warranties and cost less than retail stores! In addition, we will have pillows, sheets, ​frames, and adjustable bases available. Every purchase benefits our students! Delivery and haul away are available.  Come check out the sale if you need to replace a bed in your home!  See the flyer for a free sheet set with any mattress purchase!  HELP US INVITE PEOPLE BY USING FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1828170204125074/