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Hometown:  Leavenworth, KS
Degree(s):  BSE--Missouri Valley, MAE--Baker University
Teaching Experience:  Warsaw, MO, Leavenworth Public Schools
Courses I Teach:  World History, US History

Recent Posts

Welcome Back!

Wishing everyone a happy and successful start to the new school year! In each Unit 1 folder for both U.S. and World History you will find the course syllabus. It is due on Friday for 25 points.


Both the World History and U.S. History unit 7 folders have been updated with the latest lectures and assignments. 

WH - Unit 7

The World History Unit Folder for the French Revolution has now been posted. Notes and Bellwork will begin next week.

WH Textbook & Class Project

Today a class project was introduced to the World History classes. I have placed the information and grading rubric in the Unit 1 folder. Additionally, I have placed Chapters 5 & 6 of the textbook in the Unit 1 folder so students can read the material at home.

Syllabus & Video Make-up

I have placed two new updates. Close to the top of my webpage there are two links under Classes: one for World History and another for United States History.

In these links there are two documents: the course syllabus and the video makeup worksheet. The Video makeup is the way for a student to receive full credit if they were gone on a day the class watched a video. 

World History Update

I have just loaded the Map of Ancient Greece Assignment that was done in class last week - it has been recorded in the gradebook. 

WH Unit 5 Update

World History items have been updated in the Unit 5 page. In the folder you will find the Bell Work for Chapter 9 as well as the Chapter 9 Lectures.

U.S. History

The Unit 5 Great Depression page has been updated. Chapter 22 Bell Work and Lectures have been posted. The first homework assignment is 2 items: Ch. 22 Review and Great Crash Review.

Video Make-Up

I have posted video make-up worksheets in the general for both U.S. and World History. When a student is absent for a video presentation they can make up the full credit by completing all the steps on a Video Make Up sheet.

Bell Work

World History bell work from this week has now been posted. It covers Chapter 5 in the textbook.

World History Unit 2

I have just posted the first items for our new unit over Greece & Rome. There is a homework assignment due on Friday that contains an Ancient Greece Map and 2 Venn Diagrams. The assignment is worth a total of 30 points.


Also posted is today's lecture and the student guide that goes with it.