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Pioneer families - We miss you! Thank you for your patience as we have settled in to the new Continuous Learning Plan for the remainder of the school year. These are unprecedented times, right now, and we must all remain a family of Pioneers as we work through it. I have shared three words that will guide us through - grace, flexibility, and forgiveness. We will hold that with each other as a staff, and with our students and families. I know that each of our Pioneer families is dealing with a variety of issues around this health situation. We realize that you have many priorities in addition to education, and appreciate the load you are carrying. We are here to continue to provide an education for our students, covering the most necessary requisites for the rest of the year. But, more importantly, we ware here to connect with our students, to check in with and on them, and to provide some normalcy in this state of upheaval. We love our students and miss them terribly. Please stay in contact with your teachers - through Zoom or email - and, let us know how we might support you in this challenging time. We know there are many questions about how we will wrap up the school year. Let me say that we are working on those issues as we speak. We will communicate the details with you in the very near future. Hang in there, Pioneer families...know that we are in this with you and we will all come out stronger on the other end. We appreciate your patience and support as we work to support our students. Please take care of safe and well!

In Pioneer Pride,

Christy Jones
LHS Principal





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Pioneer Restart 


On Monday evening, the Leavenworth Board of Education met to discuss the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.  They approved a calendar recommendation to delay the original August 17 start date and begin serving students the week of August 24, for two weeks of 50% limited building attendance - with daily temperature checks and masked requirements for students/staff - on an alternating schedule of Monday/Wednesday; Tuesday/Thursday.  August 28, September 4, and September 8 will be Professional Development days for Staff (No Students).  This will allow time and space to practice building expectations specific to new protocols and processes mindful of public health guidance and recommendations.  This time will also allow staff and administration to evaluate lessons learned and best practices at the conclusion of each week. 


100% of On-Site/In-Person student learners would begin on Wednesday, September 9. The last day of the school year would be tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, May 26, 2021. 


The board also approved the presentation of learning models: 1. On-Site (In-Person), with a short-term hybrid option for when students might be unable to attend their assigned school building due to a building capacity restriction or self-quarantine/isolation conditions; 2.  Rigorous Remote Only, all student learning would take place at home with a daily activity log of 6.5 hours per day submitted to the school on a weekly basis by parents/guardians; and 3. Leavenworth Virtual School (K-8), with no changes to current program. 


Families not comfortable with sending their student to school for On-site/In-person attendance can choose between a teacher-led Rigorous Remote model, including the use of the Edgenuity Platform for Grades 9-12, or the family-led Virtual School option with curriculum powered by Calvert/Edmentum.  Each of these two options would require a semester-long commitment.


We recognize that our entire school community has questions as to how this school year will specifically proceed safely and successfully, and we promise that more planning will occur in partnership with our families and staff members in the weeks ahead.  This plan will continuously adapt and will remain in compliance with all local, county, and state requirements and restrictions.    


We will continue to provide regular updates throughout the year, including sharing of an ongoing FAQ document as families and staff submit questions to:  


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