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The emphasis on student success in academics at Leavenworth High School reflects our commitment to providing a high-quality education and fostering an environment that supports the success of every student, every day. 

On this page you will find downloadable PDF files relating to academic offerings at the high school and class offerings at our partner college, KCKCC at Pioneer Career Center. You will also find GPA, grading scale and ACT/SAT information. 

If you have questions about anything you see, or are trying to find something not on our website, please contact the LHS front office
by calling 913-684-1550.


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GPA and Grading Scale

Leavenworth High School has a weighted grading system. Weighted grades are awarded for Advanced Placement courses on the following basis: A (5.0), B (4.0), C (3.0), D (1.0), and F (0.0). All other classes are based on a 4-3-2-1 system. Rank in class is figured on a cumulative GPA for all classes. GPA is computed by the total number of units attempted.


Grades GPA GPA (AP)
A= 90-100 4.0 5.0
B= 80-89 3.0 4.0
C= 70-79 2.0 3.0
D= 60-69 1.0 1.0
F= below 60 0.0 0.0


LHS Academic Informational PDFs

The ACT (American College Test) is a college entrance exam. It measures students’ English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning skills. The highest score possible on each test is 36. The Kansas Regents Qualified Admissions score is 21.  

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a college entrance exam. The new SAT measures two areas: evidence-based reading/writing and mathematics. Scores on these two areas range from 200-800. students receive an SAT total score that is the sum of the two areas (ranging from 400-1600). The Kansas Regents Qualified Admissions score is 980 (Reading/Writing + Mathematics). Students may also register for an optional SAT Essay test. This measures students' comprehension, analysis, and composition skills.