Leavenworth High School strongly believes that for a student to be successful, daily attendance is vitally important. Please be aware of this overview of the Attendance Policy, and refer to the Student Handbook (attached) for further explanation.

Attendance is reported every period of the day. Any absence requiring a student to miss class time will be recorded. Attendance can be monitored on PowerSchool.

EAB - Excused Absence
UNX - Unexcused Absence
UNV - Unverified Absence
EXT - Excused Tardy
TDY - Unexcused Tardy

  • In order to avoid an unexcused absence, please call attendance to excuse an absence within two days. A 24 hour message line is available for convenience.

  • An autodialer goes out twice each day for unverified absences.

  • Excessive absences may result in truancy through the county court:3 UNX in a row, 5 in a semester, and 7 in a school year. After 10 days of EAB, all absences count UNX.

  • When a student is absent for a doctor appointment, bring in a note from the doctor.

  • Tardies: 1st Hour - 15 minutes late counts as a tardy; 2nd through 7th Hours - first 5 minutes, with more than 5 minutes late counting as as absent/UNV.

  • Parents can request work due to absences through Guidance.

  • For extended absences or moving, please contact Guidance.