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Email Address: jared.prost@lvpioneers.org
Hometown:  Perryville, MO
Degree(s): BM, BME, MM, DMA
Teaching Experience:  Albuquerque, NM; Leavenworth Public Schools
Leadership Roles:  Fine Arts, Department Facilitator
Courses I Teach:  Band, Jazz Band, Music Appreciation, Percussion Ensemble

Recent Posts

Band Update, 2/23

1.  There is pep band scheduled for this evening.  If your student needs to finish up their 3 game commitment, they can use tonight's game and a home playoff game next Wednesday (2/28) to get that completed.  Students need to be ready tonight at 5:15 and Wednesday at 6:30.
2.  Popcorn fund raiser items should be ready for distribution next Friday, March 2nd.  I'll have an update on this next week.  This fund raiser went great!  We will use it again.  Also, we had to order popcorn items by the case, so there will be extras that we must sell.  If you would like to buy some extras, please let me know.
3.  You should have received a letter regarding our mattress fund raiser.  If you didn't here is the information.  I cannot stress how big of a deal this fund raiser has been to our band program.  Please help out by sharing this information wherever you can.  

To Parents of Leavenworth Band Students:

Leavenworth Band – Parent Meeting

Monday, March 5th @ 7:00 PM –In the Band Room

This is a VERY IMPORTANT meeting for all Leavenworth Band Parents.


We have many talented students moving through our program along with several new students and incoming freshman who are excited about getting involved in Band. As the Director, I feel that it is critical to communicate with you, the parents, about the future plans for our program. 

We realize that most parents have very busy schedules, but we will be hosting a meeting that cannot be overlooked. If you have a student who is participating in Band this school year, we need for you to attend this meeting.

The meeting will only take about 30 minutes and we will have Sis’ Sweets Cookies out for everyone! We also have a HUGE fundraiser coming up that I want to share with all of you during the meeting.

As a part of our upcoming fundraiser, the company that we are working with is donating $5 to the Band for every parent in attendance! This is an easy opportunity to support our program, just by sharing a few minutes of your time.

The meeting will be held at Leavenworth High School in the Band Room at 7:00 PM on Monday, March 5th, 2018. 

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

San Antonio, Final Payments and Trip Insurance

Final payments for the San Antonio trip are due by March 2nd.  Final payment numbers were given to each student over the last week.  If they sold popcorn, make sure that they deduct 50% of their total popcorn sales from the amount due.  
Also- The tour company that we work with offers travel insurance.  After March 5th, there are no refunds for trip payments.  The insurance for this trip is $45.  Each family needs to decide if this is something that they want or need.  If you decide that you want to purchase this for your student, please have them see me for a form.  Insurance forms and payments can be given to Dr. Prost by the end of school on Feb. 28th.  

Band Update (Pep Band, Grades, Conferences)

1.  Grades have been updated to reflect pep band attendance.  Students that are missing games or have zeros in the gradebook can use the dates listed under point 2 as makeup assignments.  Due to the heavy weighting of performances, some grades fell drastically.  They can also come back up quickly by attending performances.  
2.  Pep Band is being held on Feb 13, 16, and 23.  Doors open at 5.  Students need to be ready by 5:15 in the gym.
3.  I will be unavailable at conferences on Wednesday from 7:20-8 pm.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  

Mattress Fundraiser, April 8th, Spread the Word

To all Leavenworth Band Parents and Students:

We will be hosting our 3rd annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser on Sunday, April 8th . We have raised over $15,000  with this event and are excited for another successful year!

Check out this Youtube video to see how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ4NpXCI_iU

There will be over 20 beds on display for customers to try.  The beds are new, brand name, made to order, available in all sizes, and cost less than retail stores.  In addition to beds, there will also be pillows, mattress protectors, sheets, and adjustable power bases!  Financing options will also be available!

This is an excellent opportunity to raise money for our Band program. Best of all, our students and parents will NOT be selling, filling out order forms, collecting money, or delivering anything!  ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS PROMOTE!  10% of the population buys a mattress every year, so we all need to find at least two people who are in the market for a mattress and our event will be highly successful.

What we need from our Band families between now and Sunday, April 8th is to be finding people in the market for a new mattress and ask them to come to our sale. Take a minute to ask around the office, at church or with your family and neighbors.  You won't believe how many people are currently planning to replace a bed in their home. It’s a unique opportunity for them to buy something they actually need, while supporting our program!  Personal referrals drive 90% of the sales at our event!

Here’s a link to the Facebook Event page.  Please check the “going” box and start inviting your friends!https://www.facebook.com/events/400925120365612/

Band Update 2/5

Please check the pep band schedule for games this month.
Be ready to play in the gym each night that you are scheduled by 5 pm.
Feb 9th, 13th, 16th, and 23rd.
Remember:  Each student is scheduled to be at two of these games.  If your student missed their January commitment, they need to attend three of these games.  

Band Update 1/29

LHS Band Parents,
1.  The third payment of $211 is due this Friday for the San Antonio trip.  After that is completed, we will be able to give everyone a total for their final payment in early March.
2.  We sent home a popcorn fund raiser today.  This fund raiser is 50% profit for the students.  This can be used towards their 4th trip payment or a future band trip.  Money and order forms are due on February 14th.  Popcorn should be here around March 1.  
3.  Keep an eye on the February pep band schedule.  There are four scheduled games that month and potential tournament games in early March.  Students that missed their game in January should make it up during February.

San Antonio Payment #3

If you student is planning to attend the San Antonio trip payment #3 is due on February 2nd.  If you are on track with payments, $211 is due on that day.  If your student isn't sure where they stand with payments, have them see me for information.  
Depending on the total number of trip participants we are currently tracking a final total price of $880 or $970.  We currently have 32 committed students.  At that number, the total cost will be $880.  If we fall to 31 students, the total cost will be $970.  I will keep you informed as I have more information.  
Dr. Prost

Pep Band Tuesday and Friday this week

The schedule was posted back in November, so if you need to print one for at home, scroll down a little further on the home page to find it.  Students that are new this semester have been added to the list.  
The band room doors will be open at 5 pm both nights.  Students should be set up and ready to play at 5:15.  Students are typically ready to leave around 9 pm.  

Band Concert, Thursday- December 14th

Band room doors will open at 6 pm.  Students are expected to be on stage at 6:30 for a warm up.  The Concert starts at 7 pm.
Students should wear their band polo, or another black polo or button down shirt, dress slacks (black, gray, khaki are fine), and dress shoes.  
Poinsettia orders are available after the concert in the choir room.  These must go home that evening.  
We ask that everyone that is able help move equipment back to the band room at the conclusion of the concert.  With plenty of help, no one needs to make more than one trip. 
Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday evening.

Pep Band Friday, Dec. 1st

Please see the November 1st post about which pep band your student performs in.
For this Friday, doors will open at 5 pm.  Students should be in the gym ready to play at 5:15.  They should wear their band t shirts.  They can bring money for concessions if they wish.  We should be done around 9 pm.

Honor Band Opportunity for Band Students

Please see the picture below for basic information about an honor band at MidAmerica Nazarene University.  If interested, see Dr. Prost for more details.  The band will not be providing fees or travel arrangements for this event.  I receive several invites like this per year.  If this one doesn't work for your student, but they would like to be notified of other events, please let me know.

Band Uniform Cleaning Instructions

Marching band uniforms should now be headed to the dry cleaners and returned to school by December 14th.  Here are your directions:
1.  Do not take the hanger, helmet, case, or garment bag to the cleaners.  They will throw away the hanger and bag and the helmet cannot be dry cleaned.
2.  When the uniform is cleaned, put it back on the correct hanger with all items (collar liner and breastplate) attached and return it to school.  Return the garment bag, but do not hang the uniform in it.  Hang it in the uniform room on a locker and give a copy of the dry cleaning receipt to Dr. Prost with your name clearly marked on the receipt.
3.  The due date for uniform return is our concert date:  Dec. 14th.
4.  I will have parent volunteers come in to help me inventory everything and check it in after that date. 

Veterans Day Parade Info

Veterans Day Parade Information 
Your band student should be bringing home their instrument after school on Thursday.  If they don't, the band room will be open Saturday morning from 8:30-9:00 am for you to pick up items that were left behind.  The school will not be open other than during that time.  
Saturday 11/11:
Arrive at corner of 4th and Cherokee by 10 am with all materials.  Drums and sousaphones will be transported for your students.  Students should arrive in full uniform with breastplates.  We stage on 4th street just north of Cherokee with all of the LHS groups.  
The parade starts at 10:30, we step off around 11:30 and we will be done around 12:30.
JROTC students will march the parade with JROTC in their JROTC uniforms and then they will join the band and march with us, in their JROTC uniforms.

2017-18 Pep Band Schedule

One month until the first basketball game!  Please get these dates on your calendar.  If your student cannot attend a specific game, they should trade nights with another player from their section.  Uniform for pep band is band t shirt and jeans or pants (because it is officially cold outside).   Please let me know if I accidentally left your kiddo off of the list.  They were asked to tell me about ride sharing and I put those students into the same group to accommodate.  Let me know if anything needs to be adjusted.  Thanks
The schedule is available at this link.