Leavenworth High School


Hometown:  Gower, MO
Degree(s):   Associate of General Studies, Central Texas College
Teaching Experience:  JROTC
Leadership Roles: Leadership Education Training, Citizenship Teacher of the Year
Courses I Teach:  JROTC
The mission of the JROTC program is to motivate young people to be better citizens. We do that through a cadet-led program of instruction that will challenge you and enable you to accomplish things you never thought possible. Whether it be the physical challenges of our Raider team, the precision and synchronization of our drill teams, color guard, and drum and bugle corps, or the distinct qualities of one of our seven other special teams, JROTC has something to offer anyone looking to improve themselves and their future. Join the oldest JROTC program in the nation, as well as the largest organization on campus and become the best that you can be.

Leavenworth Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

The Oldest JROTC Program in the Nation

Thirteen Great Reasons to Join JROTC

1.  JROTC teaches life skills such as leadership, citizenship, physical fitness, first aid, writing,   planning, time management, and decision-making.

2.   JROTC offers practical leadership opportunities not available in other academic courses.

3.   JROTC promotes patriotism for our country and respect for everyone.

4.   JROTC provides structure and develops discipline for life-long attitudes and goals.

5.  JROTC is an alternative elective course open to all grade levels. It can be used to substitute for Sophomore PE.

6.  JROTC cadets have the opportunity to attend the annual formal Military Ball and other exclusive, quality social events.

7.  JROTC provides opportunities for cadets to become involved in the school and community through an extensive community service program.

8.  JROTC offers a variety of school-recognized activities which compete at a national level.

     Some are varsity sports. (*)

*Pioneer Guard with Weapons     *Cavalry Angels w/o Weapons        *Rifle Team

*Raiders                                           Junior Guards                                  Color Guard

Cadet Chorus                                  Drum and Bugle Corps                    Leadership Team

Academic Team                              Cannon Crew                                    Sabre Team

9.  JROTC provides the opportunity to perform in community and area ceremonies and events, representing the school and the Army.

10. JROTC offers the opportunity to attend a week-long summer leadership camp (JCLC) paid for by the Army.

11. Successful completion of JROTC offers the chance to enter any of the military services at an advanced enlisted rank and pay. It offers the chance to validate college ROTC courses and enter at advanced cadet rank.

12. Successful completion of JROTC assists ROTC scholarship applicants to earn valuable scholarships for college. Successful completion of JROTC assists in earning service academy appointments to West Point, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy.

13.  Students become part of the JROTC family and belong to a highly respected organization.