Cavalry Angels


Cavalry Angels compete locally and out of state. We aren't just known to compete, we also perform for events all over Kansas.
When we perform at different events, we take the opportunity to not only show off what we do but we take that performance and use it as practice to prepare us for our Drill Season. Our Drill Season this year starts here at home on January 11th which is our home drill meet that we host here at Leavenworth High School (We don’t compete).
The first competition that we compete at is in Waynesville, Missouri, as of right now we have a total of 6 meets where we compete at. To reach the goal of being on any of the blocks you must come motivated to learn and practice, each block has a different amount of girls on it, the main block that everyone wants to compete on is Exhibition and that is a block of 16 girls (not including the commander). The Exhibition performance is about 7 to 8 minutes long, so it does take a lot of practice and repetition to get it to sound and look good.
What everyone looks forward to on the Drill Team is traveling to Nationals which is held in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Cavalry Angels compete at the masters level which is the highest level to compete at, we have won nationals a few times in the past years and will hopefully take the win when we head up there is May.