Color Guard


Color Guard doesn't get trophies. We don't get big shiny medals. We stand for twenty plus minutes at a time. What we do get, however, are coins from Australian representatives in the US. We get recognized by international Facebook pages. We get personal thanks from the Garrison Commander of Fort Leavenworth. We get on national television with NASCAR.
Not many people other than our Color Guard members can stand with a rifle upside down for twenty-eight minutes in front of field grade officers and above from FIVE countries. Other special teams also don’t get invited to events as high profile as the events that the Color Guard gets invited to.
Last year alone, the Color Guard went to three Military Balls. Color Guard gets into every event we’re invited to for free. So what does this all mean?
Color Guard is absolutely unparalleled in terms of mental difficulty. Standing is a lot harder than one would think. Regardless, few, if any, other special teams can say that they’ve been officially recognized by the Australian Government.
Color Guard starts out simply; you learn how to move a rifle and a flag; you learn how to march; you learn how to keep bearing. It quickly becomes more than that. Rapidly, new Color Guard members discover how much of a family the team truly is. They discover how everyone on the team truly cares for one another. They discover how, if anyone needs anything, the team supports them. No team is more inclusive to everyone than Color Guard.
Color Guard works around your schedule. If you’re busy on the same day as a Color Guard, just don't sign up for that Color Guard. If you’re not busy, sign up. It’s that simple. Color Guard isn't all reward with no work, though. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday at 0630 in the LET 3 classroom. If you are not present at the practice before a Color Guard, you’ll be removed from the Color Guard and someone will replace you.
Both military and civilian organizations alike request a Color Guard for a variety of events; we do everything from all home sporting events to genuine Military Balls to NAIA Basketball games to a celebration of the centennial alliance between the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) and the United States Army.