Drum and Bugle Corps


The Leavenworth JROTC Drum & Bugle Corps has represented the battalion since the beginning of the program. We aren't as big as the Pioneer Guard or the Raider team, but we set one of the highest examples in the battalion.
The Drum & Bugle Corps unlike many of the other teams don't compete for trophies, and we don't have a nationals in Georgia or Florida. The Drum & Bugle Corps is more of a ceremonious team. Playing the National Anthem or Taps for events like the American Legion banquet, an organization that's been here since 1919 to provide advocacy for veterans.
The Drum & Bugle corps uses instruments such as the Trumpet, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Tenors, and Crash Cymbals. We also show respect to the battalion through the Veterans Day Parade, the second biggest parade in the western region. The job as Commander is to teach and organize the team and events, this year I have taught a variety of students how to play a variety of instruments.
The Drum & Bugle Corps was the first JROTC Special Team in the entire country, they even served as the schools band until 1931. This team is quite literally the foundation of the JROTC Program.
The Drum & Bugle Corps has used multiple uniforms in the past and still goes through changes to this day. At one point we wore the ACU (Army Combat Uniform), we have also worn the Black Combat Uniform, which we still intend to wear for cold weather events. We’ve even simply worn the Class-B ASU to events.
The Drum & Bugle Corps is represented on the ASU with the Blue shoulder cord, the Drum & Bugle Corps arc, and the N-4-3 ribbon. All of these awards help to represent the Drum & Bugle Corps to the highest standard.
The Drum & Bugle corps is being reforged into a new age of renewed strength and skill through the revitalization of members, skill, and overall hard work. The Drum & Bugle corps is always looking for new and talented members.