Leadership Team

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Leadership team is a perfect opportunity for cadets to participate in a team based on knowledge in their JROTC battalion. This team may be selective, but that doesn’t mean you should give up all hope of making the team. What you do in JROTC as an individual and as a member of a team is all taken into consideration when the selection is done.
For example if you do well on boards there is a chance that you will be selected especially for cadet of the year. If you have been observed to be good in a team environment and dedicated to your tasks then you have good character which is an excellent factor. The team is only for LET 2’s and LET 3’s so you only have a limited time to participate so try to take advantage of it while you can and put yourself out there. 
As a team you participate in the annual JLAB (JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl) competition. This consists of three levels of competition between other leadership teams . Two of which you get to take at your school on the computer and advance to the third and final round. In level one and level two you will also be allowed to have up to two alternates making the team up to six people. The third round consists of only the 40 best Leadership teams in the country who have advanced through the first two levels.
This competition is the most important and most rewarding as it includes a trip to Washington D.C. where you will not only compete, but you will also get to see the capital. Also unlike the other competitions the national JLAB competitions take place over summer break in June. While it requires dedication it is a rewarding experience. The competitions are hard and require preparation so you can’t just put it off until the day before the competition.
It is most important that you remember to try your best and have fun.