Pioneer Guard


The Pioneer Guard is the armed drill team from Leavenworth High School in Leavenworth Kansas. As members of the Pioneer Guard, we uphold the standards of excellence and perfection in all that we do, both on and off the drill floor. Our goal is to win the national title in Daytona Beach, Florida. As an armed drill team, we use demilitarized weapons and flags to compete at state and national levels. We compete in, Exhibition, Regulation, Inspection and Color Guard drill competitions.

Exhibition is one of the most difficult parts of any drill meet, and is generally considered the most physically demanding. A 12 person block will march on to the drill floor with demilitarized rifles, each weighing 8 lbs 11 oz. The team then proceeds to perform an 8 minute synchronized routine. Points are calculated based on precision and degree of difficulty.
The next event is Armed Regulation. This event is similar to the armed exhibition event and commonly takes place on the same drill floor. The team drills in accordance with Army training circular 3-21.5 in a competition of precision, skill, and accuracy. Inspection is a test of knowledge. Cadets prepare by studying information regarding the chain of command, military courtesy, as well as military history. Cadets study in order to answer any question a drill sergeant could pose to them.
Color Guard is possibly the most difficult special team for a cadet to compete on. Each cadet has a 1 to 1 ratio with the judges and will be inspected separately from the rest of their team. Color Guard is comprised of 2 flags and 2 rifles. In this event the team uncases and cases the United States flag as well as the state flag. During this process the team is judged on bearing (The ability to maintain an impassive expression), precision, and accuracy.

The drill team has an extensive legacy spanning over 100 years. The Leavenworth JROTC is the oldest program of its kind in the nation. The Pioneer Guard is known throughout the region. The team has maintained a similar uniform throughout the years with relatively minor alterations; making it a distinctive and recognizable symbol of the JROTC program. At first the team wore helmets to bolster a degree of safety during exhibition. The original uniform consisted of a short-sleeve button-up, slacks with gold trim, dress shoes a helmet as well the ever recognizable gold cord. The helmets would eventually be transitioned to cavalry hats to better represent the name of the team. The commander dons epaulets, JROTC ranks, and the stetson which is the mark of both the Exhibition Commander as well as the Overall team Commander.

The drill team has a long history of pursuing excellence, discipline and perfection in all that it does. Begining with its roots at the start of the program, the Drill team has set the example in both knowledge and skill. This has established the Pioneer Guard Drill team as a major part of both the community and the program at regional as well as national level.