Raider Team

Raider National Team

Awards and Achievements

Raider National Champions 2019-2020

CDT/CPT Konya Halle

Female Ultimate Raider National Champion SY 19-20

CDT Joseph Purvis

Male Ultimate Raider National Champion SY 19-20

5th Annual Waynesville "Survival of the Fittest" 1st Place 2019

15th Annual Smith-Cotton "Tiger Raider Challenge" 1st Place 2019

 18th Annual Des Moines "Red Bull Raider Challenge" 1st Place 2019

 Raider National Champion Runner Up 2018

CDT/CPT Konya Halle
Female Ultimate Raider National Champion SY 18-19

4th Annual Waynesville "Survival of the Fittest" 2nd Place 2018

14th Annual Smith-Cotton "Tiger Raider Challenge" 1st Place 2018

17th Annual Des Moines "Red Bull Raider Challenge" 1st Place 2018

Raider National Champion Runner Up 2017

CDT/CPT Lillian Brewster
Female Ultimate Raider National Champion Runner Up SY 17-18

Konya Halle


Raiders is the physical team of JROTC. There is nothing else out there that compares toRaiders. It is a unique sport that requires both extreme mental and physical endurance. Each team consists of nine cadets and promotes teamwork and self-confidence.

 At every competition, the Raiders will wake up at 0500 and prepare for the APFT (2 minute push-ups, 2 minute sit-ups, 2 mile run). After the APFT, the raiders are fed breakfast and are moved to the start of the 10 kilometer road march. At this point, they are wearing their full ACU uniform (Jacket, Trousers, Lightweight Combat boots, and Patrol cap) for the rest of the competition. Following the 10k, the teams select which events to proceed to. They can choose between the one-rope bridge, the cross-country litter carry course, the biathlon, or the gauntlet.

The one-rope bridge is one of the most competitive and exhilarating events within the competition. It involves constructing a rope traverse between two trees, moving six cadets safely across the rope, and tearing it down all while being timed. Penalties are assessed for touching the ground while crossing, incorrect knots, and stepping over boundaries. Precision is key to success in this event.

The cross-country litter carry course is one of the most physically demanding events in the competition. It consists of the eight person team carrying a 150 pound stretcher through 1-2 miles of obstacles. There are usually 2-4 cadets carrying the stretcher at a time throughout the event, and most obstacles must be traversed with the litter. Some of the obstacles in the course consist of a low crawl, a wall climb, balance beam, rope climb, monkey bars, and a HUMVEE pull.

The biathlon is a sprint with a 20-40 pound medicine ball for about 200-300 yards. The event is built like a relay as each cadet will sprint two laps around a square marked with cones. It has to be quick though, each second counts in this event.

 The gauntlet is a run with a 45-pound rucksack one mile up a hill, and one mile down a hill. Each team has to take four rucks, giving each person with a ruck a partner to switch with during the run.

Raider competitions are nothing like any other type of sport. The physical and mental challenges each team goes through makes it one of the toughest sports to compete in. Competitions last for an average of ten hours. Teams have little downtime between events. At the end of the competition, each team has run an average of 12 miles and carried an average of 40 pounds. The Leavenworth Raider team has progressed dramatically in recent years. For the past seven years, the Leavenworth Raiders have competed at the national level. Most recently, they swept their previous meets, winning first place in all of the regional Raider meets and finishing National Champion Runner Up in Molena, Georgia.

Introduction for the 2018 Leavenworth JROTC Raider Team will begin at 7 a.m. Tuesday, July 10 at Leavenworth High School. Do you have what it takes to be a Raider? If you give us everything you have, we will make you a champion.


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