As the cost of post-secondary education rises, the need to offset expenses becomes greater for students. One way to help offset these costs is to apply for and receive scholarships. Scholarships provide free money that does NOT have to be repaid and is given as a reward based on merit, meeting specific criteria, and/or financial need in order for a student to pursue a post-secondary education.

The senior class of 2020 received and accepted over $7.1 million dollars in scholarship money from universities, the military, and community organizations.

Scholarship applications may be found in the scholarship file located in the Guidance Office, listed in the LHS Counselor Google Classroom, and by contacting the college or university which you will be attending.

Questions regarding scholarships can be answered by your counselor or by contacting Trish Klima, Scholarship Coordinator.

Don't be left behind! Make sure you are checking the LHS Counselor Google Classroom for updates about the latest scholarship, college, and career opportunities.