LV Boys at Boys' State

LV Boys at Boys' State
Posted on 06/21/2018

18 seniors-to-be at Leavenworth High School attended The American Legion Boys’ State. The boys were elected into various offices and participated in a simulation state government complete with crisis events and normal state legislature activities.

“It’s a really good leadership opportunity because it gives people automatic respect; they aren’t being questioned when they make decisions, so they can make decisions freely. It enables leadership decisions,” Jacob Karrasch, who was elected as the Seitz county attorney, said. “It allows people to try something different, try a different form of themselves. They get to discover what they’re like outside of peer view.”

Chayne Dessaso was elected to the position of governor.

“For me, it was really fun. It was really fast-paced. I was elected a senator, and then a party chair, and then governor. You’re constantly either being elected or doing your job,” Dessaso said. “Once you’re governor, everything just gets really crazy. You have to deal with all 500 kids there. You have to work with the legislature, the cabinet, and the cities, and that’s pretty intense.”

The students are given the full power of whatever office they hold in the simulation, and that sometimes resulted in some crazy events.

“The craziest part was getting impeached. They said I illegally called a joint session of Congress, which wasn’t true. There was this scuffle over passing the budget, which was insane. We ended up not funding the state for two days,” Dessaso said. “The government almost shut down. If I would have taken 15 more minutes signing the budget the government would have shut down.”

Even though the camp was only six days long, relationships between the campers had time to solidify.

“You gain friendship through adversity. A lot of people that usually aren’t very social were forced to be social and ended up making really good friends,” Karrasch said. “We were all so nice to each other and hyped each other up. I was screaming the entire time. It was a good time.”

A group of 7 members of Boys' State including Jacob Karrasch, LV High student.

Jacob Karrasch (second from right)

A group of 6 members of the State branch at Boys' State including Chayne Dessaso, LV High student.

Chayne Dessaso (third from right)