Students Host Leavenworth Theatre Camp

Students Host Leavenworth Theatre Camp
Posted on 06/20/2018
LV High student performs with a child in a choreographed fight scene

The Leavenworth High School theatre department hosted their annual Leavenworth Theatre Camp beginning June 4th and concluding with two performances on June 8th. Leavenworth students partnered with drama clubs from both Lansing and Bonner high schools.

“Summer theatre camp is for first grade to eighth grade students. We teach them the stage directions, we teach them the theatre stage slant, how to go down stage, up stage, stage left, stage right,” Thomas Yambo said. “We teach them about acting, movement, and everything we need to know to put on a production.”

“For the past two years we have been partnering with Lansing kids to help us counsel the campers because they want to eventually start their own summer theatre camp. We can work off of each other,” Yambo said.

The days consisted of a morning session for younger campers and and afternoon session for older students. On the last day of camp, attendees put on two shows with the younger children performing in the morning and the older children performing in the afternoon.

“The morning script was mainly about pirates and mermaids and it’s based off of a cereal theme, so we have Captain Crunch playing a big part. It’s just deciding whether they want friendship or treasure, and in the end they choose friendship. The afternoon one is about how humans and aliens, even though they’re different species, they have common ground,” Faith Lopez said.

“I think my favorite part was just seeing the kids want to learn. There are challenging moments because there are kids that just aren’t used to this environment, so figuring out ways to get those kids to buckle down and ready to learn, and just teaching them the expectations of being on stage and putting on a show, it’s the best feeling in the world,” Lopez said.